Alzheimers Whanganui appreciates there are similar but differing needs for the Care Partner and the Person with Dementia and tailor our support programs accordingly. 

Both require:

  • Information
  • Education
  • One on one support
  • Meeting others for friendship and mutual support. 

The Care Partner needs a regular break from their caring role. The Person with Dementia needs an accepting, non judgmental environment where they are treated with respect.

For The Person With Dementia Still Living At Home We Have:

1)    ‘The Group’ providing social contact and companionship for people who are socially isolated, have memory loss and/or early to advanced dementia.


For The Carer/ Partner/Family/Whanau We Have:

1)    'The Group' - providing regular weekly contact with and support from our organisation and a break from their caring role.

2)    Six week Whanau Wellbeing & Dementia Workshop - providing an understanding of dementia, help available and the importance of self care for the Care partner. If they don’t take care of themselves they may not be there to care for their partner/ family member.

3)    Monthly Carer Support Group

We also promote greater public awareness and understanding of dementia, through our quarterly newsletters; regular articles and newspaper press releases; presentations in conjunction with CES; our staff are available to speak to community groups; public lectures by notable speakers; participating in public expos and education in rest homes as requested.

We believe it is extremely important for each and everyone to feel connected to their community,
to have a purpose in life, to feel happy about themselves and to have choices.

Our interrelated support programme, which includes: The Group - community activities for the person with dementia; Support groups for carers families and whanau; home visits, education workshops and "Living with Memory Loss" programme, is based on an holistic belief of “what makes life better for one also makes life better for the other".

For more information on our services, please click here.

support groups for carers families/whanau   

An opportunity for the carer to meet other carers where they can share both the joys and challenges of caring with others who understand. We meet on the last Friday of each month

Carer Support Group – Whanganui 2019

  • 2019
  • Friday January 25                    10 – 11am
  • Friday February 22                  10 - 11am
  • Friday March 29                       10 – 11am
  • Friday April 26                          10 - 11 am
  • Friday May 31                           10 - 11am
  • Friday June 28                          10 – 11am
  • Friday July 26                            10 - 11am
  • Friday August 30                       10 - 11am
  • Friday September 27                 10 - 11am
  • Friday October 25                      10 - 11am
  • Friday November 15                  10 - 11am  



“When you sit down with others who have shared your experience,
you feel a sense of closeness and connection that no professional relationship can match”.


Individual Support

You are encouraged to phone or call into the centre for support, information or advice. Home visits are arranged as required. Suite 5, 136 Victoria Ave, Whanganui  - Phone 06 345 8833 / 0800 004 001