Dementia: A strategic framework

Dementia: A Strategic Framework

In April 2014 Alzheimers New Zealand launched new framework for the dementia community that aims to see organisations within the New Zealand dementia community working together more closely, with a shared direction and towards a shared vision.

Dementia: A Strategic Framework replaces and builds upon the National Dementia Strategy 2010-2015. The framework challenges all organisations in the dementia community - including government, DHBs, service providers, health and social services professionals and Alzheimers NZ and its Members – to focus on a shared vision of ‘towards a world without dementia’, with five shared goals.

This framework is both challenging and aspirational, it not only clarifies the future direction of Alzheimers New Zealand, and is also relevant for all organisations and individuals working within the sector, who are able to tailor and apply it to their own situation or area of focus.

Dementia: A Strategic Framework is a positive step forward for the whole dementia community in New Zealand, and for all people affected by dementia, both now and in the future.

To read article on the launch of the framework, click here.



Our Vision


Towards a world without dementia. 
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