Lived experience of dementia research

This is our story
A qualitative research report on living with dementia

This is the story of living with dementia in New Zealand.

This report tells the story of the diverse lives and experiences of 49 New Zealanders living with dementia and explores what it means to them to live well with dementia. 

Alzheimers NZ commissioned this report with Litmus to share these experiences – with other people living with dementia, for those supporting people with dementia, and with decision-makers.

People with dementia contribute positively to New Zealand. They are strong and courageous advocates for other people and those living with dementia.

It is our hope that the report will prompt a long-overdue scaling up and improvement in services and support for people living with dementia.

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How can we bring about change?

Implement the Dementia Action Plan for NZ. 

The number of people with dementia is growing fast and services are just not keeping up with the need. And yet, dementia has largely been ignored by successive governments for the past ten years. In light of this urgent need, the dementia sector has worked collaboratively to prepare a Dementia Action Plan. We stand ready, willing and able, right now, to work with the Ministry, District Health Boards, and across the community organisations to bring this into action. 

Read the Dementia Action Plan