Dementia Economic Report 2012

Number of New Zealanders with dementia


The following statistics were taken from the Updated Economic Impact Report 2012

In 2014, our best estimates indicated that 53,502 New Zealanders had dementia. This has increased from 40,746 people in 2008.

The majority (60%) of people with dementia are female – 31,623 NZ women had dementia in 2014 compared to 21,870 NZ men.  This is due to women living longer than men on average, and due to the prevalence rate of dementia being higher for women than men in age groups over 75 years.  

By 2050, 147,359 New Zealanders will have dementia – over 2.6% of the population, and more than triple current numbers.

Of the total, 87,145 (59%) will be female and 60,214 (41%) male.  Annual incidence (onset) of dementia will also more than triple, to 41,088 new cases by the year 2050. 

The World Alzheimer Report 2011 revealed that in countries like New Zealand, only 60% of cases are diagnosed/documented. This means that there is potentially a further 40% of people with dementia in New Zealand that have not yet been diagnosed – making the numbers above significantly higher.

The total financial cost of dementia in 2015 was estimated as US$1.2 billion. (Dementia in the Asia Pacific Region).

The informal value of carers, who are removed fully or partially from the workforce to care for someone with dementia was estimated at US$334 million.

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