Dementia Declaration

As New Zealanders living with dementia, we are citizens whose lives matter. We have the same rights, privileges and obligations as everyone else. Our Declaration sets out what we need to live well. 

The Dementia Declaration is the result of people affected by dementia getting together and identifying what we need to live well.

Our Declaration is a vehicle for influencing change. Our lives do matter, and it is time for us to be heard. We have the same rights, needs and desires as everyone else, but we are ignored far too often. 

This needs to change urgently. Those of us with the condition wish to do the things we are able to do, and not be talked about as though we are not in the room. We seek assistance which supports us and focuses on our interests, rather than simply being handed a diagnosis and told to pack up our lives as if we had no future.

Those of us who are care partners want access to consistent, quality care services, so we can continue to care. 

Collectively, we get frustrated, worn out and lost trying to navigate our way through mazes of services, uncertain of where to go to get help.  We lose income, careers, energy and health, social relationships, and our family relationships can suffer.

We seek a society where people living with dementia are included, understood and respected; where services and facilities are accessible; and, where people value our presence.  

Please support and share our Declaration and help improve life for us.

Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi
With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive

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Ryman Healthcare support the Dementia Declaration and are the lead partner with Alzheimers NZ to help reduce stigma and increase education about dementia.