Dementia-friendly communities

ADI released the report Dementia Friendly Communities: Key Principles and Global Developments at its International Conference in Budapest, showcasing more than 100 dementia-friendly projects across the world. New Zealand is featured in the report with Alzheimers NZ’s work towards a dementia-friendly New Zealand.

ADI Chair Glenn Rees said, “Benefits of dementia-friendly communities include not only improved access to health and care that are critical to the independence of people with dementia, but also to the everyday things in life such as banks, retail, volunteering, hobbies and leisure activities."

Dementia Friendly Communities- Key Principles: Alzheimers-Disease-International-1.pdf

Dementia Friendly Communities- Global Developments: Alzheimers-Disease-International-2.pdf

Dementia Friendly Communities- The Principles: Alzheimers-Disease-International-3.pdf

Dementia Friendly Communities- Comunidades Amigables a la Demencia: principios: Alzheimers-Disease-International-4.pdf