Grandma's box of Memories

by Jean Demetris

Alice has a Grandma with dementia who is sometimes confused and forgets things.  Alice talks to her Dad about this and together they came up with a plan on how they can help Grandma remember some good times they have shared together.  Alice’s family joins in to add their own happy memories.

I read this book with my four year old granddaughter and she enjoyed the story, participated in the storyline and we talked about what things she would choose to remind her of happy times. The next time my granddaughter visited, I found her “reading” the story to her teddy.  The story helped the topic of forgetfulness to be easily talked about in a relaxed way and created an opportunity to ask questions.  I liked the way the book covered the five senses: sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing when helping Grandma to remember.

I would recommend this book to adults looking for a book to read to/with children who have a loved one affected by dementia.  It provides a good opportunity for the adult and children to discuss the memory changes that affect their loved one and by sharing these memories they can distract them and help them feel settled.

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