Dealing Daily with Dementia

By Angela Caughey

Book Review by Sally Avison, Registered Nurse Educator, Alzheimers Auckland

Angela Caughey’s book Dealing Daily with Dementia is a rich resource for family carers because Angela understands the reality of caring for someone with dementia 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In her introduction, Angela reminds us of the human side of dementia, how even though carers face many challenges there are also times  when it is a very rewarding and satisfying role, one that many people come to value over time. We can see what may seem like an arduous journey can be made more bearable by being involved with friends and family, counselling support groups and education – for the people with dementia as well as the carers.

Angela’s book honours the role of carer, acknowledging all that it involves and encouraging them to find person-centred solutions to the way they care for people with dementia. Throughout the book, real examples are given to illustrate the many diverse, sensitive and complex issues which are raised.

Angela’s book also honours people with dementia and reminds us that through their intensely difficult journey, they remain essentially the same people they have always been, their human-ness is not altered and, first and foremost, they deserve to always be treated with dignity and respect.

Published by Calico Publishing RRP$40