Personal stories - people living with dementia

Every person and every family/whānau is different and will find their own answers to the challenges dementia brings. 

Sometimes information or advice can make a great difference, at other times support from others sharing the same experience can help.

Being diagnosed with dementia will probably have come as a shock to you, as well as your whānau/family and friends. However, there is a lot you can do to ensure you remain as independent as possible and continue to enjoy life for a long time to come.

Living well with dementia

In our series of three short films for World Alzheimers Month, Alister, Rita and Helen discuss some of the things they do to help them live well with dementia.

Alister's story

Rita's story

Helen's story

Dementia Friends

Helen, Alister and Rita have also shared their stories for our Dementia Friends video. Watch the video below to hear from Helen, Alister and Rita about living with dementia and what you can do to help.

Every 3 Seconds - Helen and Mike's story

Helen and Mike shared their experience of living with dementia in NZ for the global dementia documentary 'Every 3 Seconds', produced in collaboration with Alzheimer's Disease International. In the clip, Helen and Mike, along with their care partners Maxine and Leslie, discuss the support they need to help them live well with dementia

Kate Swaffer

Kate Swaffer is Chair, CEO and co-founder of Dementia Alliance International, a global group for people living with dementia. Kate was diagnosed with a rare form of younger onset dementia at the age of 49. Told to get ready to die, Kate’s world seemed to disappear overnight, but she realised it didn’t have to, and she has gone on to co-found Dementia Alliance International and advocate across the globe for dementia in practice to be seen as a disability.

Read Kate's blog here