Personal stories - care partners

When someone you care about is diagnosed with dementia it can be a hard piece of news to deal with. The diagnosis may not be completely unexpected, but it can still be difficult. 

There are no easy answers to the challenges that will be faced and no simple rules to follow that will work every time, but through sharing our personal stories, we can inspire and help support others who may be in a similar suituation. By speaking out, we can also help to educate people and challenge these misunderstandings. 

Memories of forgetfulness - Colin’s story

Colin opens up about his grandmother's dementia and the important role of talking about the disease. In this video he recalls a number of stories and situations that occurred and talks about them openly, especially the impact it had on his wider family – his brother and sister, his own parents and his grandparents. See it here

Growing up with dementia - Enzo’s story

When he was nine, his father started showing signs of dementia. Despite all the changes to his dad’s personality and behaviour, he never lost the love and respect that he had always had for him. He wanted to share his story because he hopes it might help other young people to start conversations about dementia. See it here.

My dad and dementia - Kerry’s story

Kerry’s story about dementia talks about first her father, and then later her mother, who were both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease – so she has lived with it in her family for a number of years. Through her experience with dementia, Kerry learnt that getting help early makes a huge difference. See it here.

Love, life and dementia - Sigrun’s story

Sigrun’s late husband Barry showed the first signs of dementia when he was around 60 years old. In addition to coping with him developing dementia at a relatively early age, she and Barry faced some unique challenges because they were business partners as well as life partners. See it here.

The penny drops - Tania’s story

For the two years leading up to her husband Nigel’s Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, Tania had thought there was something either wrong with her or with their relationship. So getting a definite diagnosis changed everything, and suddenly the changes in Nigel’s behaviour started to make more sense. See it here.

Yep, my dad has dementia - Victoria’s story

It was a shock to get the call, particularly as her dad was only 48 at the time and was considered relatively young to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. And it was also hard with her being overseas, as she was not there to support her family, but that all changed when she returned to NZ soon after. See it here.