Information for health professionals

These documents have an education and research focus supporting our local Alzheimers organisations to provide evidence based services. These publications may also interest people living with dementia and health professionals.

Covid-19 - Information for Alzheimers NZ organisations

We are planning for changes in service delivery and how we can best support people with dementia and their families, especially if there is the need to cease group activities for a time. Information and other material will be posted here as they are developed for Alzheimers organisations - other similar organisations may find this information useful. 

Services and Standards: Education Programmes Guidelines

These guidelines describe the philosophy, principles and guidelines underpinning our Services and Standards model and education programmes. Our programmes support informed choices, healthy lifestyles and wellbeing while living with dementia, along with providing opportunities to share expertise and experiences.

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Supporting Family & Whānau of People Living with Dementia: Education Guidelines

These guidelines were developed by the National Dementia Framework Collaborative and provide recommendations for core education topics for family and whānau supporting people living with dementia.

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Evidence at a Glance

This regular publication shares research findings informing staff and volunteers from local Alzheimers organisations of new developments and ideas for service improvements. Click on the links below to download (PDF). 

Issue 1: Shared activities between day programme staff and people with dementia
Issue 2: The effectiveness of group cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) and resources
Issue 3: Effective information support programmes for care partners
Issue 4: Shared decision making
Issue 5: Out and about in green spaces
Issue 6: Online support

Thinking Dementia

This regular newsletter presents a selection of journal articles, media reports, NGO reports, university documents and government reports related to dementia.

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