Write to your MP

MPs and Ministers take handwritten letters seriously, so writing a letter can be very worthwhile.

Information on contacting politicians can be found on the NZ Parliament website. The link includes information about correct ways of addressing NZ politicians.



  • Write your own letter in your own handwriting
  • Encourage others to do the same
  • Typing a letter and attaching it to an email is still a good idea
  • Write to Ministers about national issues


  • Copying a letter written by some other person or organisation
  • Deluging politicians/candidates with emails all saying the same thing
  • Writing to Ministers about local issues unless they have national implications – write to local MPs instead

An example:

<Politician’s address> 
<Your address>

Tēnā koe <name>

Subject: e.g. Make dementia a health priority

I am very concerned about dementia. There is a major issue around ….

My own experience is…[If you can put some personal experience bit in then this makes your letter stand out and gives it more authority].   

Then focus on what you want the politician to do, like: 

Please make dementia a health priority OR Please support the Draft New Zealand Dementia Plan 2020 to 2023 OR please support one or more of these significant issues:

  • People being able to access at least 12 months post-diagnosis support provided through services from the local dementia-specific NGO and/or
  • Dementia navigation services close to where people live and/or
  • Flexible, available and accessible respite services so people can get a break and/or


You may be wanting to issue a challenge, e.g. What are you and your party doing to tackle dementia this financial year?


You might be wanting to raise an election issue, e.g. What will you and your party do to deal with the rapidly increasing numbers of people affected by dementia in the next three years?

Finish by expecting a reply, e.g. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ngā mihi,

<Your name>
<Your organization (if appropriate)>