Going to meetings

To make the most of meetings:

  • Seek out forums, organise them yourself or join in with others.
  • Attend community events and be prepared to promote dementia as a priority issue.
  • Be on time and be prepared. Know what you want to say.
  • Find out about the format.
  • Submit your question(s) or be prepared to ask your question at the event
  • Introduce yourself. Make connections between yourself and the speakers, especially if you are in the same area.
  • State your position or ask your question clearly and succinctly. If asked for information you don’t have, say so and agree to send it after the meeting.

Possible questions could be:

  • What are you and your party doing to tackle dementia this financial year?
  • What will you and your party do to support the rapidly increasing numbers of people affected by dementia in the next three years?
  • Numbers of people affected by dementia are growing rapidly. What will you do to make dementia a health priority?
  • What will you do to assist people affected by dementia to get better access to support?

If there is agreement and the opportunity arises, ask what you can do together to help advance change together.

If there is disagreement and time permits, try to learn what the objections are. Always be polite even if you do not agree with each other.