Alzheimers NZ Dementia Services and Standards

Alzheimers NZ organisations offer a range of support services throughout the country. This includes:

  • individualised support - e.g. care plans, home visits, social drop-in groups
  • networks and partnerships with other health and social care providers - e.g. GPs, pharamacies and social workers
  • referrals to expert advice and care when specialised clinical support is needed
  • raising awareness about dementia - e.g. through public seminars, education programmes, memory walks, the Alzheimers NZ information booklet series
  • education for carers and other health care providers - e.g. workshops on managing some of the day to day challenges

Over the last several months, we have been talking with people living with dementia, and other key stakeholders, to build a comprehensive picture of the level and type of community-based dementia services that are needed now, and into the future. This feedback has highlighted your expectations about what makes a good service, and what needs to happen to improve the level, quality and type of services we and others offer.

As a result of this feedback, we have developed Alzheimers NZ Dementia Services and Standards. This model is firmly based on the rights of people living with dementia to high quality support and services, no matter where they live, or who provides those services. It integrates research and emerging evidence about what makes a difference to the health and wellbeing of people living with dementia. And it aligns with government policies and strategies that aim to strengthen the way our health and social care sector supports people throughout their journey with dementia.

Alzheimers NZ Dementia Services and Standards are a set of core services that Alzheimers NZ organisations should be offering, or working towards offering, and a set of standards against which these services must be measured.

The Alzheimers NZ Dementia Services and Standards model will be implemented from the end of this year, building on and strengthening the work that Alzheimers NZ organisations are already doing in your communities. We are currently developing the resources, guidelines and toolkit to support implementation, in consultation with people living with dementia, our member organisations and others.

We encourage you to ask your local Alzheimers organisation about the range of services and supports they offer now, and plan to offer into the future. We welcome your involvement and ongoing comments and feedback as we work together towards a stronger system to support people living with dementia.