Colin's Story

Colin Mathura-Jeffree

Colin observed his beloved grandmother develop Alzheimer’s disease when he was still a very small child. Coming from a close and loving English-Portugese-Indian family, he had a lot of interaction with his grandmother in his early years. Despite his young age, he noticed changes in her ability to do things that in turn impacted on the things they could, and did, do together.

In this video he recalls a number of stories and situations that occurred and talks about them openly, especially the impact it had on his wider family – his brother and sister, his own parents and his grandparents.

Even as a child, Colin realised that the way his grandmother’s illness was being handled was not necessarily right, and in particular how confused he was at the way his grandfather reacted to the situation. You can see from the video that he was very protective of his grandmother, and even though it is a number of years ago that he was having to deal with it as a child, the memories remain vivid and strong.

As a champion for those with dementia, Colin wanted to share his personal story and family experience in the hope that we can open conversations about this growing issue. He talks passionately about the need for people to face dementia together, so that we live in communities and a society in general that accepts people with this disease and helps them live well.

If someone in your wider family is showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, then you will find Colin’s story helpful in understanding the impact it can have on families, and what you can do to help.

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