Reuben's Story


Reuben was introduced to dementia through a close friend who works in the dementia sector. When he realised the scale and significance of dementia in New Zealand he wanted to help, and use his name and profile to help Alzheimers NZ raise awareness of dementia.

Reuben supports the work of other charities in New Zealand, including the Variety Bash, and his role as a Champion of Dementia is part of his commitment to give back to New Zealanders, who supported him in his career as an All Black.

Reuben is particularly interested in helping New Zealanders understand that there are things they can do to reduce their risk of developing dementia by living a healthy lifestyle – by exercising regularly, eating well, and not smoking – all lifestyle choices that Reuben lives his life by.

Photo: Reuben stands with Alzheimers NZ Executive Director Catherine Hall at the Alzheimers Otago Memory Walk, the day he was announced as a champion. Behind them is the Inflatable Brain, which provides a virtual tour of the brain, and the different parts which are affected by certain conditions or injuries.