Leave a bequest

We believe that the actions of individuals can make a real impact. By leaving a legacy you can help your local Alzheimers organisation or Alzheimers NZ to change the future for generations to come.

Planning ahead is all about making decisions today that accurately reflect your wishes for tomorrow.

Communicating with loved ones on matters such as ongoing financial issues, your wishes relating to your Will, your long term care preferences, and arranging healthcare and Enduring Power of Attorney is always best addressed when you have a clear focus on what you want your future to look like.

The gift of a bequest in your Will ensures that organisations like Alzheimers NZ and our local Alzheimers organisations can also plan ahead.

There are two types of bequests you may like to make:

  • Leaving a specific amount
  • Leaving a percentage of your estate

With inflation, a set amount can lose its value and with the passing of years may be much less than originally intended, so you may wish to substitute a percentage of your estate or specified assets.

We recommend that whether you’re thinking of making a new Will, or updating an existing one, you consult a professional legal adviser. They’ll make sure your will is valid and that your intentions are clearly and legally stated.

If you have already included Alzheimers NZ or your local Alzheimers organisation in your Will, or if you intend to do so, we would be grateful if you would contact us to let us know. This information will be treated in confidence and is not binding in any way, but we would like to have the opportunity to thank you personally for your generosity.

Even the smallest amount will make a big difference

Any bequest, large or small, will bring hope to those living with dementia, and enable us to continue our work within your community.  Every dollar help in our efforts to:

  • Provide practical support services and information
  • Fund vital research into dementia
  • Deliver national awareness intiatives, such as our Dementia Friends programme
  • Reduce the risk of dementia through health promotion and education.

For more information about leaving a bequest, please contact us or call 0800 004 001 to reach your local Alzheimers organisation.