There are many ways to support your local Alzheimers organisation or Alzheimers NZ, and it can be fun too.

Having your own fundraising event is often a great team building exercise for you and your workmates, something you can do with your friends, classmates, or family, or something you do on your own.

If you prefer not to hold your own fundraising event, you can get involved in a participation event such as a race and encourage people to sponsor you. Your idea doesn’t need to be grand, just have fun and spread the word while you are doing it.

Every dollar counts and your support is vital to the life of our organisations.

Fundraising for your local Alzheimers organisation

Local Alzheimers organisations provide support, education, information and related services directly to members of their communities who are affected by dementia. Find out more about your local Alzheimers organisation.

Fundraising for Alzheimers NZ

Alzheimers NZ aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma and provide a voice for people with dementia at a national level. Find out more about what we do.

 Promoting your event

Once you have an idea it is also really important that people know what you are doing. Setting up a profile on Everyday Hero or GoFundraise is a great way to encourage donations, leading people to a page where they can donate straight away while keeping a running total of your donations. These websites also lets everyone know how much you still need to reach your fundraising goal and gives your supporters an opportunity to leave a message with their gift. The highest donor gets recognition on your page too. 

 Join a Memory Walk

September is World Alzheimers Month. Join one of our Memory Walks taking place all around NZ each September to raise money to help people affected by dementia. Memory Walks are a great activity for people of all ages and abilities. This September, thousands of Kiwis will be walking to show their support. Find out more about the event and sign up here. 

 Using the Alzheimers NZ brand

When fundraising for an organisation it is good to have brand representation. We can provide you with high resolution logos and brand imagery to assist with your event.

Send us an email at to request branding and imagery.

 How to get your money to us

You can choose to donate your money to either Alzheimers NZ or a local Alzheimers organisation.

If you have set up a profile on Everyday Hero then the Alzheimers organisation which you selected while setting up will receive your money automatically.

Sending a cheque: 

To send a check then find the address of the organisation (local or NZ) that you wish to donate to here.


Make a secure payment through our online donation form. Be sure to select the organisation to which you are donating to from the dropdown menu at the top and leave a message in the form to let us know what you did to fundraise.

Bank transfer:

If you wish to make a bank transfer to your local Alzheimers organisation, then get in touch to discuss the best way to get your money to them. If you wish to make a bank transfer to Alzheimers NZ, please contact us and we will pass our account details on to you. You can email or call 04 387 8264