2015 NZ Dementia Summit

The NZ Dementia Summit kicked off a national discussion about the future of dementia care in New Zealand. The summit brought together a broad cross section of the New Zealand dementia sector for an energetic discussion. We received great feedback about the quality of speakers and the at times lively debate.

Alzheimers NZ jointly hosted the Summit with the NZ Dementia Cooperative, Carers NZ and Alzheimers NZ. Thank you to all those who were involved in the summit, be it as a member of the organising group, as speaker or participant.

Call for a national dementia plan

Speakers and participants discussed how clinicians and families need to be supported, and looked at what policy, planning, funding and service models can deliver better outcomes for people with dementia in the future.

Catherine Hall, Alzheimers NZ’s Executive Director, outlined the global context and called for a national dementia plan, which was well supported by participants.

“New Zealand needs to step up, and draw from the momentum being generated internationally. Our ability to influence the course of dementia for people and to reduce the costs for New Zealand depends largely on the success, or otherwise, of our efforts to:

  • build a dementia-friendly New Zealand
  • find treatments that can alter the condition, and
  • identify strategies that reduce the impact of dementia on individuals and their families. 

These three things rely on New Zealand having a national dementia plan.”