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Do you want to know more about dementia?

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Booklets and factsheets

Our booklets cover many questions that people with dementia, their families/whānau and friends may have. The booklets cover a range of topics including living well with dementia, how best to support someone living with dementia, and understanding changed behaviour

You can also find lots of information, resources and reports on this website, using the navigation menu above.



Do you want to look into further learning about dementia?

If you want a more formal learning experience, you may like to consider the following options.

Dementia Care: Staying Connected and Living Well is a free online course run by Newcastle University. Participants are expected to spend 2 hours a week for 3 weeks on the content. The course covers the effects of dementia on the brain, what a person with dementia is experiencing; managing stressful situations and ideas for improving communication.

A more in-depth free online course Understanding Dementia MOOC by the University of Tasmania needs about 3 hours of your time each week for seven weeks.

And of course there is a wealth of excellent information available including books, documentaries, movies, TED Talks, websites, online courses (often these are free), YouTube videos etc. 

If you would like to give us feedback on our programme please email dementiafriendlynz@alzheimers.org.nz