Getting started as a Dementia Friend


10 tips to get you started

If you’re not quite sure how to get started as a Dementia Friend here are some easy ways to take the first step.

  • Like the Dementia Friendly NZ Facebook Page for news and stories from here and all around the world. 
  • Wear your Dementia Friends badge or wristband so people know they can approach you and ask for help.
  • Encourage your family/whānau, friends, work colleagues and people in your community to become Dementia Friends by doing the online programme.
  • If you like working with someone, start out with a friend of yours who has also become a Dementia Friend and together decide on a simple first step you can take to progress your actions.
  • Maintain or reconnect relationships with family/whānau, friends, work colleagues and people in your community with dementia. Ask if there is anything they would like you to do that would be helpful to them.
  • Look out for people who look like they might need assistance and offer to help as appropriate.
  • Learn more about dementia and ways to be dementia friendly. There is a wealth of excellent information available including books, documentaries, movies, TED talks, websites, online courses (often these are free), YouTube videos etc.
  • Contact your local Alzheimers organisation and offer to help. Click here to find your local association. 
  • Contact your local residential facility or rest home and offer to help.
  • Start a conversation in your workplace about becoming dementia-friendly and with your work colleagues, advocate for your workplace to enrol in our Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme.