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Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme - Your stories
Capella House: “We hope that the conversation will continue.”

"Our facility looks after residents who are living with dementia and also helps support their loved ones. Being a residential care provider, we witness and understand there is a lack of awareness, facilities and acceptance of dementia in the wider community. We decided to engage in the programme in hope of normalising the word dementia, educating those in the community and ultimately trying to make a positive difference through our efforts.

We have found the experience to be informative and supportive. It was great to have fresh eyes work with us throughout the process and make suggestions that perhaps we had overlooked or not thought of. The whole process was incredibly supportive, right from start to finish. Thank you very much for this Kate.

Our facility has always been passionate about changing the stigma associated with dementia. It means a lot to be recognised as Dementia Friendly in New Zealand. We hope that by taking part in this programme, the conversation will continue and ‘dementia’ won’t be a taboo subject to speak on or accommodate in the community.

Again, thank you so much for your support."

Capella House