2018 Conference - Speaker presentations and programme

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The Alzheimers NZ Conference attracted leading speakers from the region and globally, harnessing knowledge and insights from a range of sectors.

The conference engaged us all in thought-provoking conversations, challenging our views of dementia and what we can do about it.

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 Thursday 25th October

Convenor: Ngaire Dixon

09.00 Mihi Whakatau and formal welcome

09.30 Plenary Session 1
Citizenship and rights for people with dementia 
Phyllis Fehr - Dementia Alliance International

Supported decision making
Paula Tesoriero, MNZM - Disability Rights Commissioner

10.30 Morning tea

11.00 Plenary Session 2
Prescribing engagement: Supporting people recently diagnosed with dementia
Lee-Fay Low - Associate Professor of Aging and Health, University of Sydney and Bobby Redman - Dementia Advocate/Peer Supporter

11.45 The Ryman Prize
David King - Ryman Healthcare

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Concurrent session 1
Peer services - People living with dementia supporting ourselves and each other
13.00-14.00 Zooming in on inclusivity in the world of dementia
Eileen and Dubghlas Taylor - Workshop

14.00-14.20 "How can I help to improve your quality of life?"
Yvette Bibby
Alister Robertson

14.20-14.40 Who cares for whom - when the wife is a carer and gets dementia
Valerie Schache

14.40-14.50 Coming out of the academic closet
Donna Swift

Citizenship and rights for people with dementia
13.00-13.30 It’s a matter of rights
Catherine Hall

13.30-14.30 Debate: Restraint of people with dementia should be prohibited
Chris Perkins, New Zealand Dementia Cooperative

14.40-14.50 The talk you'd have bet you'd never hear the owner of an online company deliver!
Esther Perriam

Innovations from the margins to the centre
13.00-13.30 Creating innovation together: Codesigning technology with people living with dementia and their care partners
Jacki Liddle

13.30-14.00 A model for telehealth delivery of a driving cessation intervention for people living with dementia
Theresa Scott

14.00-14.30 When incremental improvement is not enough
Therese Jeffs

14.30-15.00 Drawing Together: tackling dementia through drawing, science and technology collaboration
Emma Febvre-Richards

13.00-13.20 'They said she had schizophrenia, but now she can’t remember'
Rima (Sue) Thomson

13.20-13.40 Black Birds - recommendations from a caregivers daughter
Marcelane Ballantyne, PDF

13.40-14.00 Challenges experienced by Pasifika families/caregivers in caring for an older family member with dementia
Kathy Peri
Suman Latta

14.10-14.30 Cognitive Stimulation Therapy enhances residents' cognition and psychological wellbeing in Selwyn Village care homes
Orquidea Tamayo Mortera

14.30-14.50 Assessing driving fitness in dementia: A challenge for old age psychiatrists
Duncan Neilson
Gary Cheung

15.00 Afternoon tea

15.30 Plenary Session 3

Mind what you say: How communication shapes the dementia experience
Alison Wray - Professor in Language and Communication, Cardiff University UK

16.20 National platforms for local change

16:20-16:50 Catherine Hall - Alzheimers NZ
16:50-17:20 Peter Boshier - Chief Ombudsman

17.20 Networking function 

 Friday 26th October

Convenor: Matthew Croucher

09.00 Introduction
Alister Robertson

09:15 Best evidence and future directions: Research progress
Lynette Tippett, Brain Research New Zealand
Phil Wood, Brain Research New Zealand

09.45 Living well with dementia: Its important how we think about it 

Matthew Croucher - Psychiatrist of Old Age Christchurch, Leader of the South Island Dementia Initiative

10.30 Morning tea

11.00 The CeleBRation Choir

11.15 Living well with dementia Options and approaches (1)
Diet and Dementia
Carol Wham - Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Massey University

Mind-Full Exercise
Julie Cummins - Teacher, counsellor, fitness instructor/personal trainer

Cognitive Stimulation
Gary Cheung - Old age psychiatrist Co-leader for the translation and research of cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) for mild to moderate dementia in New Zealand

12.15 Address from Hon Jenny Salesa, Associate Minister of Health

12.45 Lunch

13.30 Concurrent session 2
Peer services - People living with dementia supporting ourselves and each other

13.30-13.50 A personal pathway to maintaining optimum functioning whilst living with Frontotemporal dementia
Bobby Redman

13.50-14.10 Living with dementia: The experiences of Samoan families in Aotearoa
Fuafiva Fa'alau

14.20-14.40 “I want to do more with my life” - Exploring the experiences of people with young onset dementia
Leanne Bolton 

14.40-15.00 Gay and Grey: Are healthcare providers ready?
Bernie Kushner 

15.00-15.20 Poetry reading - Living with Change 
Ted Normanton

13.30-14.30 Workshop: What is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy? A workshop for persons with dementia and their whānau/family.
Kathy Peri
Gary Cheung

14.30-14.50 Flexible Funding for Dementia Care
Kevin Salmon

14.50-15.10 Don't forget us: Younger people living with dementia
Yvonne Browning
Fred Browning
Joanne Loverage
Sally Rimkeit

15.10-15.20 We need you!
Carmel Boyle, Donna Hedley

13.30-14.30 Developing resilience in communication
Alison Wray

14.30-14.50 Advance Care Planning in New Zealand
Leigh Manson

14.50-15.10 Lived experience of dementia in NZ Tongan families
Staverton Kautoke

15.10-15.15 Wellness Nordic Chair
Mary McDonald

15.15-15.20 Caregiver style - Let's recognise it 
Arthur Ballantyne - PDF

Innovations from the margins to the centre
13.30-13.50 Artistic Practice with People with Dementia
Viola Lombard

13.50-14.10 What's a dark fog got to do with dementia? Externalizing dementia and its potential for interfering with a relationship
Eileen Taylor
Dubhglas Taylor

14.30-14.50 Protecting yourself from fraud and financial abuse
Sally Widdowsen
Westpac New Zealand

15.30 Afternoon tea

16.00 Living well with dementia: Options and approaches (2)
Spirituality and wellbeing
Chris Perkins Consultant psychiatrist

Engaging in difficult conversations
Oleg Kiriaev

Living well with dementia: An action plan
Matthew Croucher

 Saturday 27th October

Convenor: Catherine Hall

08.30 Concurrent session 3
Citizenship and rights for people with dementia 
08.30-08.50 The role of politicians and policies in meeting the dementia challenge
Maggie Barry

08.50-09.10 Why aren’t people with dementia told their diagnosis? A systematic review of attitudes and practices of health practitioners
Lee-Fay Low

09.10-09.30 Close care with dignity caring for patients with cognitive impairment in an acute hospital setting
Colleen Hill

09.30-09.50 The lived experience of dementia in New Zealand Indian communities
Rita Krishnamurthi

Effectiveness and peer support
08.30-08.50 Sleep and health of family carers
Rosemary Gibson

08.50-09.10 Families matter
Pip Desmond

09.10-09.30 Living with Dementia in Aotearoa (LiDiA): Background and methods for a national dementia prevalence study
Ngaire Kerse

09.30-09.50 People with dementia living in the community - what can assessment data tell us?
Michelle Liu

09.50-09.55 At the heart of a facility? A survey of person centred practice in aged residential care facilities in the South Island
Susan Gee

Innovations from the margins to the centre
08.30-08.50 The 'Story of the Tree Swing': A challenging but overdue conversation
Ruth Thomas

08.50-09.10 Making smiles: Using the Person Interaction Environment tool to enrich a residential home for people with lifelong intellectual disability living with dementia
Tracey Hawkes
Susan Gee
Tessa Luff

09.20-09.30 Driving Miss Daisy - Embracing the Dementia Friends Initiative
Melanie Harper

09.30-09.50 Do community-dwelling Māori and Pacific peoples present with dementia at a younger age?
Susan Yates


08.30-08.50 InterRai evidence supports positive outcomes for consumers of fortified texture modified foods
Sam Bridgewater
Maia Royal
Kaye Dennison

08.50-09.10 Not just another token preschool visit
Sacha Mountfort
Natalie Hall

09.10-09.30 The value of dementia-friendly book groups at the Care Home and public library
Sally Rimkeit
Gillian Claridge
Dalice Sim

09.30-09.50 Individual risk factors for possible undetected dementia amongst community-dwelling older people in New Zealand
Adrian Martinez-Ruiz et al.

10.15 Morning tea

10.45 Plenary Session 5
A Māori approach to the assessment and management of dementia

Dr Margaret Dudley

11.15 Plenary Session 6
The lived experience of dementia study

Jean Gilmour, Alzheimers NZ
Liz Smith, Litmus

11.45 Plenary Session 7
Connecting@: Technology platforms panel
Richard Reid, kin2kin
Sam Johnson, MyCare
Matt Hector-Taylor, BeSure
Maree McCabe, Dementia Australia

12.45 Conference closing