Our Advocacy

Alzheimers New Zealand advocates for high quality services for people affected by dementia. All submissions to parliament and government departments aim to influence improvements in the type, level and quality of care and support people affected by dementia receive. Recent submissions can be read below. 


Alzheimers New Zealand is supporting a campaign aimed at ensuring that footpaths are safe places for vulnerable pedestrians, in the context of increasing pressures to allow a range of vehicles on footpaths.   We have written to the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee consideration of cycles on footpaths, expressing support for submissions which raised concerns about the impact on vulnerable pedestrians of increased use of vehicles on footpaths. 


Alzheimers NZ wants 12 months of guaranteed post diagnostic support for each person diagnosed with dementia.  That’s about 14,000 people each year.

The money would go towards a raft of initiatives, chief among them providing better in-home care and support and information services.

The organization also wants the government to implement the Navigator role as a priority.  This is a designated person in the care team for a person with dementia and is their first point of contact.  The Navigator role is already part of government policy; government has not yet implemented it.

Alzheimers NZ’s proposals will 

  • increase quality of life for people with dementia, and their carers  
  • increase the length of time that people with dementia can continue to live at home.

Government would also enjoy:

  • reduced costs in terms of providing long-term residential care for people with the condition
  • reduced costs because there’d be fewer unnecessary hospital admissions that arise from the need for crisis intervention.

 Medically-assisted Dying

Our view is that Parliament is the appropriate body to make a decision on whether or not medically-assisted dying should be legalised. Therefore, we do not endorse any position, whether positive or negative, on the legalisation of medically-assisted dying. Alzheimers NZ firmly believes that people with dementia have a right to the type, quality and volume of services that enable them to live well.

Read Alzheimers New Zealand's full submission on the end of life petition