Our skilled and experienced Executive Committee provide a governance function developing the strategic direction and overarching policies and procedures. They also employ the Manager who manages all operational issues and employs the staff and recruits volunteers.

To view our 2015 Annual report please click here. A copy of our financial accounts can be viewed at the Charites Services website or is available on request.

Frances Blyth

Board Chairperson since 2014
Board Member since 2013

I have a background in the public sector (mainly Health, Education, Justice) that includes policy, service design and delivery, and management roles. I have also worked in international trade policy, run the national office of a community organisation focused on parent education and support, and worked with an international human rights organisation based in France. I have held two previous governance roles with community organisations.  At present I work as a consultant, mostly in the justice and tertiary education sectors.

I have a family connection with dementia and became part of Alzheimer’s Wellington because I know how valuable its services are for people with dementia and their families and carers. I am particularly interested in helping us continue to improve our services. I am also interested in what makes a good organisation tick and hope to ensure that my role on the Executive contributes to a keeping Alzheimer’s Wellington a healthy organisation.

Richard Braae

Board Member since 2014

I am currently a public servant, having had a career spanning management and advisory roles in the public and private sector. I have just completed the Institute of Directors training for Board members and believe that I can make a contribution on the Executive Committee that will complement the contribution of the other volunteers and professional staff within Alzheimers Wellington.

My father developed Alzheimers. Seeing his and my mother’s experience convinces me of the need for organisations such as Alzheimers Wellington.

Bruce McGregor

Board Member since 2015, co-opted onto board 2014

My background is in finance, governance and commercial issues. I am a member of Chartered Accountants – Australia and New Zealand  and a chartered member of the Institute of Directors.

I have worked in the energy industry for over 25 years and am currently Chief Executive Officer of a privately owned energy company. This experience has provided broad experience to enable me to contribute to not for profit enterprises.

Tina Wakefield

Board Member since 2017

I work at the Ministry of Justice, and have held senior management positions in the private and public sector. I am a member of the Institute of Directors, and I am on the Governance Group of the Government Women’s Network, and the Technical Advisory Board for the Social Investment Agency. My interest in dementia stems both from family connections and from seeing what close friends have gone through supporting their parents with Alzheimers. I know how much difference organisations such as Alzheimers Wellington make and I am keen to help out.