Our skilled and experienced Executive Committee provide a governance function developing the strategic direction and overarching policies and procedures. They also employ the Manager who manages all operational issues and employs the staff and recruits volunteers.

To view our 2015 Annual report please click here. A copy of our financial accounts can be viewed at the Charites Services website or is available on request.

Frances Blyth

Executive Chairperson since 2014
Committee member since 2013

I have a background in the public sector (mainly Health, Education, Justice) that includes policy, service design and delivery, and management roles. I have also worked in international trade policy, run the national office of a community organisation focused on parent education and support, and worked with an international human rights organisation based in France. I have held two previous governance roles with community organisations.  At present I work as a consultant, mostly in the justice and tertiary education sectors.

I have a family connection with dementia and became part of Alzheimer’s Wellington because I know how valuable its services are for people with dementia and their families and carers. I am particularly interested in helping us continue to improve our services. I am also interested in what makes a good organisation tick and hope to ensure that my role on the Executive contributes to a keeping Alzheimer’s Wellington a healthy organisation.

Barry Richmond

A committee member since being co-opted in Jun 2008

I have retired after 40 years service in the Fire and General Insurance Industry. My career was mainly in the claims area and involved working with solicitors, adjusters, repairers and the public. Over the years I have developed an interest in assisting and working with people. I am actively involved in running as a sport and take part in half-marathons. I am a member of Judgeford Golf Club on a social basis. Also I am a member of the Masonic Lodge and Committee in Kilbirnie, which involves me visiting members, partners and widows who are in hospital, as well as visiting widows at their homes. It is rewarding knowing these people have someone they can talk to and a contact if help is required.

Over the years I have served on various sports clubs and business committees. My work and life experiences stands me in good stead to be able to serve as an active committee member for Alzheimers Wellington.

Jane Butler

Committee member since 2012

My entry into the world of dementia occurred when my husband Terry was diagnosed in January 2010 with Frontotemporal dementia.  Suddenly I found myself in a situation where I had to understand the condition, find my way through a not well charted system and to facilitate and support Terry so he had the opportunity to enjoy each day. 

I brought to this task knowledge and skills acquired during my career, in particular my ability to see the big picture and to challenge and look for effective options.  I see membership of the Executive Committee as a way giving back to an organisation that provides high quality support for those living with dementia.

Brendan Carr

Committee member since 2013

Brendan is a lawyer with Morrison Kent.  Morrison Kent have supported Alzheimers Wellington for a number of years initially through one of its founding partners, the late John Morrison.  Brendan has been a practicing lawyer since 1996 and currently specialises in Corporate and Commercial Law.  Brendan has previously worked overseas and also for a large corporate organisation, so has significant experience with governance matters. 

Like so many others, Brendan has had personal experience with family members suffering from Alzheimers.  Brendan currently lives in Lower Hutt with his wife and 5 year old daughter.

Richard Braae

Committee member since 2014

I am currently a public servant, having had a career spanning management and advisory roles in the public and private sector. I have just completed the Institute of Directors training for Board members and believe that I can make a contribution on the Executive Committee that will complement the contribution of the other volunteers and professional staff within Alzheimers Wellington.

My father developed Alzheimers. Seeing his and my mother’s experience convinces me of the need for organisations such as Alzheimers Wellington.

Bruce McGregor

Committee Member since 2015, co-opted onto committee 2014

My background is in finance, governance and commercial issues. I am a member of Chartered Accountants – Australia and New Zealand  and a chartered member of the Institute of Directors.

I have worked in the energy industry for over 25 years and am currently Chief Executive Officer of a privately owned energy company. This experience has provided broad experience to enable me to contribute to not for profit enterprises.

Mary Slater

Co-opted Committee member since 2015

Mary joined the board of Alzheimers Wellington in October 2015 as a co-opted member.

Mary is a member of the Institute of Directors, and has completed the Institute’s directors’ course. Her previous governance experience includes a period as chair of the board of a large secondary school.

Her working life includes professional social work, union advocacy, and public service.

Mary has personal experience of dementia through her family, and through a close friend.