Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme


The number of Kiwis with dementia is growing rapidly. 


25% of our population will soon be over 65. Almost 70,000 Kiwis are living with dementia today and this is predicted to rise to 170,000 by 2050. Customers and employees of NZ businesses and organisations are increasingly living with dementia.

Getting it right by becoming recognised as Dementia Friendly demonstrates your commitment to making life easier for your customers and your staff who may be living with or caring for someone with dementia.

Being awarded Dementia Friendly Recognition encourages people to choose your services, raises awareness and combats stigma, and that’s got to be good for business.

If you and your team understand a bit about what living with a dementia is like, you can learn how to help and improve your services to better meet the needs of people living with the condition.

Not only will you be doing the right thing and showing you care by working to make a positive difference, it makes great business sense too.

Any business or organisation can get accredited as Dementia Friendly by working through our Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme.  

Becoming Dementia Friendly

There are two levels of award – Working Towards Dementia Friendly and Dementia Friendly

Working Towards Dementia Friendly means your business or organisation has made tangible progress and has met fundamental criteria across five of seven standards.

Dementia Friendly means your business or organisation has met all seven standards.

Click here to download our Toolkit for Businesses and Organisations (PDF) to learn more about what is involved and the seven Dementia Friendly standards and criteria.

Dementia Friendly Awards

Click here for a full list of Dementia Friendly Awards.

Becoming Dementia Friendly is a way we can all get involved and help. Together we can help build dementia and age friendly communities across Aotearoa and make it easier for people living with dementia to lead the lives they want to in their own communities.

It’s easy to enrol - email for more information.