Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme

The Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme is a way for organisations and businesses in NZ to become accredited as Dementia Friendly. Any business or organisation can become Dementia Friendly such as cafes, libraries, banks or shops.

The programme aims to:

  • Raise public awareness of dementia
  • Assist people with dementia to continue living well in their communities
  • Recognise the efforts of organisations achieving and maintaining Dementia Friendly status
  • Promote the Dementia Friendly campaign

It encourages organisations and businesses to put measures and initiatives in place that actively support people with dementia, whether they be staff and their families, or customers.

Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme Awards

There will be two awards available in the programme:

Working towards Dementia Friendly Award

This award recognises the organisation has made tangible progress towards achieving Dementia Friendly status. The organisation has met fundamental criteria across five of seven standards.  

Dementia Friendly Award

Recognises the organisation has met all seven standards in the Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme.

Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme Standards

The standards are guided by principles that provide tangible value for organisations that engage with the programme.

1. Person-centred – We understand the needs of people living with dementia as they relate to our business from their perspective.

2. Leadership –  We have the right structures in place to maintain a sustainable Dementia Friendly organisation.

3. Workforce – Staff and volunteers have an awareness and understanding of dementia.

4. Physical environments – We have a continuous improvement plan to make our physical environment(s) accessible to people with dementia. 

5. Workplace – We respect and support employees affected by dementia (either persons living with dementia or caring for someone living with dementia).

6. Collateral and websites – Website(s) and written business material are accessible for people with dementia.

7. Review – Planned reviews of dementia-friendly progress.

Make your organisation or business Dementia Friendly

Download the Dementia Friendly Recognition Toolkit here, or email us at