2018 Conference - Symposium

Symposium - Living well with dementia 

Join us on Friday 26th October for our symposium on living well with dementia.

These sessions will be brief, practical, and evidence-based, with take home messages and actions for living well and Q&A panels throughout the day. 

The sessions will be of great value to people living with dementia, care partners and health professionals. 

Watch this space for more information.

Confirmed speakers


Yoram Barak 

Dr Yoram Barak is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Otago School of Medicine, Dunedin and consultant psychogeriatrician at the SDHB. Research interests include multiple sclerosis, cancer, a wide range of psychiatric conditions with special emphasis on old-age psychiatry, and suicide. Past president of the Israeli Association of Old-Age Psychiatry, and is on the editorial board of the Israel Journal of Psychiatry and the Open Psychiatry Journal. He has published extensively in these areas, and is author or co-author of over 175 peer-reviewed journal articles. His book Preventing Alzheimer's Disease has recently been published in the US.

Gary Cheung

Dr Gary Cheung is an old age psychiatrist. He currently holds a joint appointment between Auckland District Health Board as a community old age psychiatrist and the University of Auckland as a Senior Lecturer. He co-leads the translation and research of cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) for mild to moderate dementia in New Zealand, including individual CST and integrating physical exercise with CST. His other key research projects include the lived experience of dementia and big data analysis using the interRAI database.

Matthew Croucher

Matthew is a Psychiatrist of Old Age based in Christchurch. He is a medical advisor for Alzheimers New Zealand, Dementia Canterbury and the Parkinson’s Society of NZ. Matthew leads the South Island Dementia Initiative, a health service programme working to improve services for people with dementia across the South Island of NZ. He works for the Canterbury District Health Board’s Older Persons Mental Health service as a psychiatrist and as director of an Academic Unit involved with teaching, training, research and service development in the field, including dementia as it affects people of any age. 

Julie Cummins

Julie helps people get the very best out of their lives, whatever stage they are at. Currently Julie is volunteering with Dementia Hawkes Bay at the Mahana day programme. In this role she engages several of the participants in a variety of different physical exercises, including warm ups, cardiovascular work, light resistance, stretching/Tai Chi, flexibility, balance, and mobility. She is keeping people physically, socially and psychologically functional for as long as possible. Her preparations for this role include training as teacher, counsellor, fitness instructor/personal trainer, and executive lifestyle and leadership coach. 

Carol Wham

Carol Wham is an Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Massey University. She is an experienced dietitian and an Associate Editor of 'Nutrition and Dietetics'. Carol recently received the prestigious Dietitians NZ Award of Excellence in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Dietetics. Carol has undertaken a sustained programme of research focused on improving the nutritional health of older people. Her particular interest is the interrelationship between nutrition status and health outcomes in the ageing population.