2018 Conference - Confirmed speakers

Confirmed speakers

Associate Professor Lee-Fay Low 

Associate Professor of Aging and Health, University of Sydney

Lee-Fay Low is a registered psychologist with a PhD in psychiatric epidemiology.

Her main areas of expertise are in home and residential care for older people, wellbeing in people with dementia, risk factors for dementia, dementia literacy, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. She is particularly interested in developing and evaluating interventions to improve the quality of life of older people. She has extensive methodological skills in population studies, systematic reviews, clustered randomised trials, instrument development and evaluation, and translation of research into practice.

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Professor Alison Wray

Professor in Language and Communication, Cardiff University UK

Alison’s research has ranged across the nature of words and phrases, the evolutionary origins of language, how foreign languages are learned, and the genetic component of linguistic ability.

For the past decade she has been drawing on her expertise in language processing to explore the nature of communication by and with people with dementia. Her focus is the way that linguistic and interactional behaviour changes in the face of cognitive challenges affecting the production and comprehension of language. In particular, she has explored how people with dementia modify their language to accommodate and even anticipate problems with memory or word finding, and how others respond to this strategy.

She has also investigated how emotional responses to stressful situations can undermine our best intentions. Alison is a well -known dementia communicator and authored the animated film, “Understanding the Challenges of Dementia Communication” with narration by actor, Sir Tony Robinson. With very positive reviews, the film has been taken up by carer trainers worldwide.

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